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Rose, thorn, seed: a little game with big meaning.

Have you heard of the “rose, thorn, seed” game?

It only takes 5 minutes (sometimes less), but it has long-term benefits by helping you cultivate gratitude.

Just answer these three questions at the end of the day:
What was the best part of your day? (rose)
What didn’t go well? (thorn)
What would you like for tomorrow? (seed)

Now, stop reading!
Take 5 minutes to go through the game yourself.
Done? Got your answers?

How did you feel during the exercise?
Was it hard?

No worries: with practice, it will get really easy!

OK, here I go with my answers:
Rose: a fantastic little note from a former employee - it made my day.
Thorn: water damage in the basement, and it stinks!
Seed: resolve a little conflict between two co-workers.

What is the meaning behind this little game?
By reflecting on the positive and negative emotions from our day, we can begin to realize that:

- there’s always room for gratitude

- things don’t always go as planned

- we can’t control everything, but we can put a positive spin on anything within our control

My suggestion: do this exercise with your family (around the dinner table, for example), or at least share it regularly with someone.
If you’re a rebel like me, you can sometimes bend the rules and come up with more than one element per category if you want.

How did I find this game? A little about me: I went to Buenos Aires for boxing training. At the end of the day, the coach explained this little game to all of the athletes and suggested we try it together. Everyone wanted to participate. It was crazy how this moment changed the group dynamic.

Try it, you’ll see!