5 smooth tricks to get a colleague into Buddha-2-GO

So you’ve tried the Buddha-2-GO meals, and want to get one or two of your colleagues to sign up with you and share the 5-meal minimum? 
Trying to figure out how to get them on board? Here are a few ideas:

1- Tamper with their shepherd’s pie
Sneak open their dish during a coffee break and add a few drops of Tabasco sauce.

2- Show off a little
Go get your noon exercise, and come back for your 1:00 meeting looking all snazzy and carrying a tantalizing buddha-salad.

3- Make the kitchen smell amazing
Five minutes before everyone sits down for lunch, get your ramen boiling and open up the lid. The smell of the spices will get everyone’s mouth watering. 

4- Boycott proudly
Some people can waste twenty minutes chasing down an old panini for upwards of 14 dollars… Set yourself up as a prime source of gourmet and very affordable food.

5- Save a starved friend
Give this salad to your poor colleague who forgot his lunch and is running late on a project. Without you, he wouldn’t even have a lunch. 

No matter which strategy you choose, Buddha-2-GO won’t give you a tan or tone your muscles.
What we do guarantee is an energy boost in the hours following the meal, and 30 minutes saved every time you get one out of the fridge.
Time is such a valuable resource… what will you do with your extra time?