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5 strange activities during lunch hour

I got the idea to poll all of our Buddha-2-GO members with a question from an article in a "women's health" type magazine: now that you're saving time during your lunch hour, what exciting things are you doing?
I'll admit that the most common answers were things like exercising, finishing a project, shopping. Let's be honest - I picked the most surprising answers: guilty!
But these are real customer answers, so don't shoot the messenger!
Here are the strangest answers:
1-I had a nooner with a Twitter contact!
2-I hid in the bathroom and watched a Game of Thrones episode.
3-I took a nap in my car with my coat over my head to avoid being disturbed.
4-I went to look at the kitties at the pet shop!
5-I played "King of Crabs" on my iPhone with my headphones on!

I thought about suggesting exercise, learning Spanish, chatting with a colleague or going to the museum, but I see that some people have a more fertile imagination!
What if, rather than preparing a lunch the night before or running to grab a sub sandwich,
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