10 Myths About Healthy Food

The questions raised in the introduction above led me to ask myself why is it that not everybody’s drawn to healthy food? 

You surely already heard things like :

— Nahhh, I don’t eat grass, and I don’t like alfalfa one bit :-( 

— My hippie-guru aunt used to try to hide tofu in my food, and I always found out when she did.

Classic, right?

So I listed 10 myths that stick to healthy food, with a clear objective in mind :

To deconstruct the false perceptions that undermine the adoption of new eating habits.

1 - I hate tofu

Betcha I can make you gulp down protein with your eyes closed and that you won’t know it’s soy protein you ate, coz our miso caramel is dope.

2 - I'm gonna take the Ceasar salad

This is probably the worst choice on the menu at your average restaurant down the road! You’re gonna end up eating no less than 1,000 calories of bacon, croutons, and mayo.

3 - A sandwich with no butter or mayo

The bread you chose is loaded with sugar and msg, and the meat’s preserved with a ton of nitrites.  Not as fatty, surely... but healthy? Definitely not. 

4 -  It costs an arm and a leg !

There’s a lot of hype around the “organic” certification but it’s a bit overdone... On some products it’s simply not worth it. Buying local products from known suppliers and using a smaller amount of those costly products is often a more efficient approach.

5 - It's complicated and time consuming

If the veggie coffee shop where you’re hanging out isn’t organized and the dreadhead employee smokes pot under prescription, well, there are other options out there y’know! 

6 - I'm gonna eat sushis

Your tasty and colourful makis are packed with lotsa rice, tempura, creative mayos and fried shrimp... Need I say more? 

7 - Salads are rabbit food

There are the boring salads, the unhealthy ones, and those salads that are really well constructed. But healthy eating doesn’t have to mean salad munching. Just wait and see the popularity of no-meat burgers explode in the coming months.

8 - I'm gonna be hungry in like 2 hours

Healthy eating doesn’t mean dieting, calorie counting or feeling deprived. Healthy food outta be colourful, sexy, tasty, copious... Otherwise, nevermind! 

9 - It's dry

There’s no reason why healthy food should be dry or dull. Bad chefs can be found everywhere and unfortunately creativity isn’t a universally distributed quality!

10 - I ain't on a diet

Really? D’you think choosing healthy food’s only for losing weight? I for one think that it’s rather to boost your high performance machinery, be productive, have an alert mind and live longer.  


Do you recognize yourself in the above list? Don’t you think it sounds a little bit like Gary at the office? I challenge you to click on, try one of our bowls and then associate any of those 10 myths surrounding healthy food with the bowl you’re eating. Dude, it’s impossible, I swear.

Coz to stick around and make you kick that burger trio habit, positive food must be sexy, fast, affordable, performing and... yuuummmy!